Welcome to Hair By Charli Rae

Let me start by saying welcome to this crazy journey, and I hope that you're ready for the ride. It has been quite the journey over the last 5 years, but i can say last year was the start of something great. I believe this will be the first day of an epic year. My journey has been amazing. It has had its ups and downs, but every year I feel is better than the one before. So I'm going to express to you a little about what Im going to do with the entrance into my #hairbycharlirae life!

I did a big chop about 6 months ago, End of May, and since then I have been experimenting with so many different products. People ask me all the time what have I been using? How did you make your hair look like that? How are you maintaining it and making it grow so fast? Oh and would you be surprised! I figured I would share this journey with you because there are so many people or women going through the same thing and CLUELESS on what to do. I also wanted to share my hairstyling journey with you. When I'm styling, making wig units, working with my clients, crafting quick styles that can get you in and out the door in 5-10 mins, creating fun products and hair accessories. I'm a mother to a beautiful 6 year old named Brooklyn. So I will be including her in this blog journey as well. Sharing moments when I'm styling her hair and products that I use, because I get that a lot as well. Trust, she is quite the character so you can expect some good entertainment. #Hairbycharlirae is not your typical "salon stylist." I would consider myself to be more of a "freelance" hairstylist. I get most of my excitement being creative by getting involved in fashion shows, editorials, and working on trying to get more involved in production and film. So as you take this journey with you Im going to try my best to make it fun, fulfilling, inspiring, and hope you have an amazing time with me. I love all of my supporters more than you could even imagine!

HAIR BY CHARLI RAE...ALL THE WAY UP (in my Remy Ma voice)

and I'm signing out!


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